Wanted an X-Rated Road Redemption? You’re getting one anyway!

According to PC Gamer, during an interview they had with the President of Nutaku, an adult digital game distribution platform, think of it like steam for X-Rated games, Mark Antoon, Nutaku have approached and paid the developers of Road Redemption, spiritual successor to the classic baseball bat and bike chain swinging Road Rash to create an X – Rated version of the game.

What’s to be expected?

According to Antoon, the story will change and it will no longer be about hunting down bounties but a story involving kidnapping and rescuing. This is part of Nutaku’s 10 Million dollar initiative where they approach developers of already developed games to release X rated version of the same.

With it being an X rated game, they say that in between missions the players will be shown cutscenes that are sexual in nature and an album feature introduced so that the players can revisit the game anytime they like.



If you think about it, this is an ingenious way to populate a library which will have games that have solid gameplay and have a fairly quick turnaround time doing the development. The risk factor is quite minimized and by creating X-Rated versions of games that already have a following and exposure (not a pun!) they are able to reach a wider audience. Which in turn will bring more people to their own platform.


The X-Rated version of Road Redemption is expected to release sometime in 2018. I would venture a guess it’s Q1/Q2 though. But if you want to relive old memories and bash biker heads you can play Road Redemption (sans sex scenes) right now as it has left Early Access.


What do you think?

Are we going to see more indie games be tempted by the extra cash, could we blame them in a saturated market where, even with a legacy, it’s hard to make a big enough plunge to offset costs and make some money. Do you think this is wrong? Do you think this is going to bring about more widely popularized adult games? Let me know in the comments!

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