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UPDATE: With Twitter enforcing the no automation rule, I recommend NOT using services like Tweetfull.

Disclaimer: I was offered a discount in exchange for review of Tweetfull after going through the free trial. The outcome of the review was not guaranteed and remains my honest opinion. You can read my review policy here. This disclaimer is done for one purpose and one purpose alone. Transparency. The fact I get a discount or not, or whether I paid for or got a free trial has not impacted the review in any way.

I came across Tweetfull on one of the top 5 ways articles, you know the kind. Listing numerous sites, most of them behind a paywall or a referral link of some sort. In top 3 was Crowdfire (which I already use and love!) and Tweetfull. A website I had never heard of.

I am always cautious (with an air of cynicism) about trying any service that ‘Boosts’ followers or the like. I wasn’t looking to build followers as much as I was looking at getting exposure. Getting seen.

Tweetful provided that opportunity, the more I read up and understood about the product the more I wanted to try it. However the plans are paid, thankfully, they also have a 14 day trial that gives you a taste (and a good serving of that) of their services.

I decided to give it a go and signed up, if anything was wrong, I could just revoke access and forget about the website. Nothing unfixable. I started the trial and went to set up what they call a promotion. They have many promotions on offer, with most plans offering you 2 promotions to go simultaneously.

I chose to start with Keyword Promotion, I wanted to like and retweet tweets about gaming and indiegame. I set ‘gaming’ and ‘indiegame’ and ‘indiedev’ as the keywords to retweet. What I failed to think of was that gaming in some places also means gambling. After a night’s sleep, I woke up to my account retweeting online gaming (casinos). I was annoyed but the mistake was on my own end and not anyone else’s. I removed gaming and decided to simply focus on #indiegame and #indiedev.

Tweetfull also allows you to put parameters, things like which accounts to avoid and which to mute. This allows you to add accounts that do use those hashtags but not in a way you want.

Once I went through the settings, with the very helpful customer care on the opposite side, I was happy with what was happening. I saw more engagement, more exposure and even more followers. So much so that 14 days have passed and I decided I am going to pick up Tweetfull for the foreseeable future. There are promotions and ways to gain followers too, but for me, the objective of finding more people that shared my interests as well as expanding my own reach has been made extremely easy thanks to Tweetfull’s automated features.

Gained 947 followers thanks to the 14 day trial!

Twitter is a massive playground for marketing. There is the tried and true method of tweeting, tweeting about what you love or hate and doing it consistently. This is by no means a how-to on replacing that. This is a way to supplement your own involvement. Tweetfull won’t help you keep your follows, but it can definitely help in getting more eyes on your profile and finding more people within your niche for you to connect with. And it’s definitely worth considering.


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2 thoughts on “Tweetfull – A Marketing Tool Specializing in Twitter!”

  1. Hello,

    Nice article! I was just looking at signing up and I saw that Tweetfull’s twitter account is currently not active… that seems like a bad sign, but if it’s working for you, I’ll give it a shot. Please let me know if you’re still using their service and I’ll sign up and try it out. Thank you!

    1. Hey Jeff! Sorry about the late reply but I have stopped using Tweetfull as they didn’t seem too much above the board. And with recent ToS changes to Twitter, I would recommend staying away from automated services 🙂

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