Titan Quest Gets New Content!

New content for a 11 year old game!

Titan Quest isn’t on top of a list of games you’d expect to get new content for. The game came out in 2006. That’s right, 11 years ago. Titan Quest was then ‘remastered’ with the Immortal Edition in 2016 and now, they have just announced a brand new DLC!

The new DLC named Titan Quest: Ragnarok will be based on Norse Mythology bringing with it new monsters, quests, weapons, runes and even a new class! – The Runemaster Class.

It should be kept in mind however that the team behind the new DLC is an entirely new one with THQ’s dissolution and with most people that worked on Titan Quest now being part of Crate Entertainment which made Grim Dawn. The DLC also brings with it some fixes to the legendary ragdolling glitch that Titan Quest is famous for.

The changelog is as follows:

Technical and QOL improvements
New shaders and graphical effects
Improved ragdoll physics
Improved UI and combat feedback for total information
Improved control customization
Improved modding tools

I have to say it’s nice to see developers support older games, I thought Dying Light coming out with the free DLC was impressive. But Titan Quest has definitely out done them all by releasing (an albeit paid) DLC for a game that’s older than a decade.

The DLC is on sale on steam for 25% off! Get it right away!

Are you excited? Have you played the classic or the Immortal Edition?

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