Suck on that ENEMIES!

Continuing on the tutorial for GameMaker, I’m remembering a ton of things I learned in school and forgot like if commands and what not!

The tutorial was about enemies and introducing hit points and such. I think I’m gonna experiment at this stage before I take the next one because there’s a lot of things that I am thinking about, just gonna wonder if I can figure out ways to do them through code. Kinda doing my own challenge in a way.

I polished up the game of the century, I have now dubbed Suck on it enemies! Really, that’s the name of the game. Just you wait, BAFTAs are gonna be rolling in!

I wonder if Kevan Brighting (Narrator from The Stanley Parable) can just repeat “Suck on that, enemies” with every shot I fire! Game of the Millennia then!



Ain’t that a sexy game?

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