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ROTii – “All Toasters Toast…Toast?” | Indiecent Exposure | RDTechy

On the latest episode of Indiecent Exposure I play ROTii. A fun and cute platformer that has some interesting gameplay mechanics and gives you a powerful weapon – A Vacuum Cleaner!

Developed by DarkShot Studios, ROTii is a puzzle/platformer game with a tiny hero, but huge charm. The first game developed by DarkShot Studios, the game follows the adventures of our protagonist, ROTii; a 4 inch-tall cleaning robot who is programmed to clean germs and eradicate bugs! Its creator, the brilliant, yet lazy Dr. Nida has armed ROTii with the mighty Vac-Pack, a high-powered vacuum backpack that can suck up objects and spit them out at high speeds. ROTii is truly a product essential for any modern household!

Disclaimer: I received the product for free.

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Indiecent Exposure is a fun series I love doing where I get to show off gameplay from indie games each and every episode. New and Old!

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