Play Star Trek Bridge Crew Without A VR Headset Right Now!

VR games, like Star Trek Bridge Crew, have no doubt increased in numbers and some of them look quite interesting. But sadly, most VR games are VR Only games which means that unless you own a VR Headset (while getting less expensive in price is not the cheapest thing around) you won’t be able to experience the game at all.

The VR Problem

This works both ways, for games that need players to make it immersive, it’s a tough challenge to have people populate your lobby. Or in this case, the deck. Online games undoubtedly need players and without them no matter how big a brand or exciting the storyline, it will be unplayable. The lesser the players, the less will be the number of people that buy the game, leading to even less potential players. This is a vicious cycle that most online-multiplayer games go through.

The Solution

Ubisoft and developer Red Storm of Star Trek Bridge Crew have come up with a simple solution, they’ve released a ‘Non-VR’ update that let’s players join in the fun even without having a VR as long as you have a PC that can handle the requirements. This not only helps get their game back into relevance considering the original release was May of 2017. It gets more eyes on the game and more asses on the seats inside U.S.S Aegis.

How to strap in?

Head on over to the steam page of Star Trek Bridge Crew and get the game (Currently 50%) off and you’ll be able to jump right in with your VR abled friends even without a headset.

Where to from here?

I hope more games follow suit and add non VR capabilities. The way I see it, even if they add the Non-VR update 6 months or a year from release, it will bring about more players and get the game back out in the open. It’s affectively releasing on a new platform and the hype and attention that comes with it will only prove to be a bonus to the developers so they can all Live long and Prosper! (Had to squeeze in at least one Star Trek reference, I mean come on!)

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