Phantasy Star Online 2 will be completely running on the cloud!

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud, which will be coming out for Switch in Japan soon has many exciting features including Cross Play between Switch and PC (and becoming the first title to do just that!) but according to Perfectly Nintendo not only is the game going to be only a some dozens of MB worth of download and install, you will never have to download an update!

How is that Possible?

SEGA says this is possible due to the entire game being on the cloud. A feature that allows them to flash in updates on their end and not have the user download and apply them as is the usual way.

What’s the catch?

Well according to SEGA, the game will be locked to 30 FPS and perform at around the level 5 or 6 setting on PC. But the biggest issue will that be that there is going to be lag. While having to be online for an online game isn’t news, having the developers themselves say ‘There will be lag’ is something of a cause for concern.

The Way of the Future?

Could this be the beginning of games’ exponential growth in their sizes leading to entire cloud-based experiences? Will we see more MMOs follow suit, what about games like Destiny 2 with the MMO Lite genre, will they in future be based in the cloud?

As with any streaming service, there are pros and cons, no need to download massive installations will be replaced by the issues of spotty network and lag experienced by the majority of players. But it’s undoubtedly something that will become more prominent in the future.

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