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New PC and Other Awesome Things!

So I’ve been stuck with my Xbox for a long time because my laptop was nearing the end of its life cycle, I started saving up sometime last year and last week, I was finally… FINALLY, able to get my hands on a new PC.

This blog (or the reason why I started it) hasn’t been forogotten, in fact, with the new PC, I can start working with Unreal Engine and jump into the deep end of the vast abyss of an ocean (that metaphor got away from me, moving on).

But with New PC, comes new fun things to do as well. We used to have a blast recording and putting stuff up for Shoddy Pixels and this new PC let’s me do something that dying laptop couldn’t do – Record games. Heck, it let’s me PLAY games in the first place.

So I’ll be whipping up a YT channel sometime soon. I liked doing Let’s plays and reviews and all that jazz so I am quite excited about that.

I’ve actually gone ahead and made an intro (thanks to SOFTBOXPRESETS who did the template)

So here’s the intro!


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