Want to take part in the Monster Hunter World Beta? Here’s how to!

Monster Hunter World is a game that fans of the series and people who got the first glimpse of it at E3 both admired and has been anticipating ever since. Even though I don’t own a PS4 it is a game I’ve followed and it’s great news for those of you who DO own Sony’s Playstation 4 / Playstation 4 Pro because next week you get to jump into the world hunt monsters!

The Requirements for the Monster Hunter World Beta

There are some pre-requisites, first and most importantly.

You need a PS4/PS4 Pro. – Well, Duh!

You need a PS Plus membership. – This comes as no surprise as Monster Hunter’s heart and soul is the co-op element and PS4 requires you to have PS+ to play online. 

You need 5.9GB of Free Space. – Quite a small price to pay for monster hunting bliss!

What To Expect in the Monster Hunter World Beta?

In the beta you’ll be given the chance to complete 3 Quests over 2 locations. Each quest will give you an item that will help you out in the final game – As long as you’re using the same account, which, I mean, why wouldn’t you be using the same account?

All three quests can be played solo OR played with friends while screaming at them for not being any good at this stuff. Screaming part is optional, but let’s face it. You’re gonna scream at your friends, they know it, we know it. It’s gonna happen. And that’s what’s gonna make Monster Hunter World Beta so much fun!

Three quests with three different monsters – Great Jagras(Easy), Barroth (Intermediate) and Anjanath (Hard).

When does the Monster Hunter World Beta start?!

I get it, you’ve got the requirements done and know what to expect and now you’re fuming because I’m delaying the most important part of the article to the last bit! When is this taking place? I shan’t delay you any longer Hunters!

The Beta for Monster Hunter World will start on December 9, 2017 at 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT / 6:00pm CET with the curtains falling on December 12, 2017 at 8:59am PT / 4:59pm GMT / 5:59pm CET.

So pack your gear, sharpen your sword (and make sure that PS+ membership is sorted!) and enjoy the ride!

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