Queen Seondeok and Korea storm into Civilization 6!

The Rise and Fall update that’s coming in the early parts of 2018 is something Civilization 6 players are very excited about. Now there’s another reason to be excited too!

New Leader and Civilization (Queen Seondeok of Sila)

Korea (previously known as Sila) will be introduced into the game with it’s Queen, Seondeok, who ruled at a time where many doubted a woman’s capabilities and some even tried to revolt.


New Special District and Abilities (Seowon, Three Kingdoms, Hwarang)

Her 15-year reign, however, is considered to be a massive catalyst for the countries educational sector. It could be the reason why her special district – Seowon has perks that grant you Science bonus. It does come with a tricky bit of trade-off, however, as districts settled around it will reduce the bonus, but, the trade-off is that with the Civilization Ability of ‘Three Kingdoms’ you will get bonus food from farms and more science from mines, making it something you should definitely consider.

It’s no surprise then that the leader ability is focused on science and education as well with Seondeok’s ‘Hwarang’ ability giving science and culture bonuses with all settlements with governors.

New Unit (Hwacha)

But it’s not all pen and paper as Sila brings with it a very powerful machine of war in Hwacha – a ballista that shoots hundred rocket arrows (or even more bullets!). Historically, Hwacha was so impressive that they fended off a massive attack by the Japanese invaders.

Seondeok is just one of the new leaders coming into the game with the Rise and Fall update slated for Early 2018.

Are you keen to see any other civilizations? Will you be playing Sila as soon as it comes out on Civilization 6?

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