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Indiecent Exposure – Orbox C, a fun puzzle indiegame! – RDTechy

On the latest episode of Indiecent Exposure I play Orbox C, a fun puzzle indiegame that has you get from Point A to Point B. Simple right? You’d think so, but it may surprise you!

In Orbox C, you are a box that can move in 4 directions. The only catch here is that you need something to stop you once you start moving making this puzzle indiegame a lot of fun to play!

Orbox C is a puzzle game that requires use of logic. It enhances simple mechanic with special elements and missions that interact in different ways. The game does not confuse with complexity and too much blocks on the field. Instead it has cleverly made levels with one or few tricks in each. This pushes the player to think some ways his brain might never done before. It can be mentally pleasant and rewarding. Difficulty in the game grows slow enough. Game has hundred levels with easy to average difficulty. So it is suitable for pretty casual players.

Game has 3 record counters – Score, Time and Steps. Each of them will require different tactics.

Orbox C has deeply thought level design. With a great effort put into creating lot of beautifully built levels.

Disclaimer: Product Received for free

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Download Orbox C Demo (with 30 unique levels!) –

Indiecent Exposure is a fun series I love doing where I get to show off gameplay from indie games each and every episode. New and Old!

Are you an indie game developer with an indiegame you’d like me to play on Indiecent Exposure? Get in touch!

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