HTC Announces Vive Pro – The Next King of VR

VR is growing in popularity but is still limited to people who have the funds and the PCs that can run its games. While that likely won’t change anytime soon, HTC announced Vive Pro, the next generation of the VR Headset that boasts some delicious upgrades!

HTC announced the Vive Pro at CES just hours ago and the world is loving what they’re seeing. While details are fuzzy about price and release date the features the Vive Pro will come with are impressive in itself.

What Are The Features?

Well I am glad you asked! The HTC Vive Pro will be a proper improvement over the current HTC Vive with features like:

  • Higher Resolution! Yup, with Vive Pro you get 78% more resolution than the Vive. That puts the resolution at a whopping 2880×1600!
  • In Built Headphones with amplifiers so you can lose your hearing in quick fashion! In all seriousness, this is a feature that was requested by many VR users and it’s nice to see HTC do it in proper style!
  • A Wireless Adapter (not available on launch). While people were hoping for wireless functionality out of the box, it’s still good to see them provide a solution! The wireless adapter is expected to release Q4 2018.
  • Front Facing Dual cameras that should allow developers to develop AR experiences as well
  • It is backwards compatible with base stations 1.0 but base stations 2.0 are coming too which will be smaller and just better in every single way.

Isn’t that a nice feature set? Now that is what I call an improvement on already cutting edge technology. The resolution alone blew me away.

How Much Does It Cost? When Can I Buy it?

Sadly we don’t have a proper release date or price yet, however, we should be getting more details coming ‘soon’ (Q1 2018). Expect it to put a pretty big dent on your bank account for sure. What I’m excited about the most is the possibility of a price cut on the current generation of VR headsets.

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