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Giveaway! Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited (Steam Edition)

I am doing my first Giveaway! The prize is Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited (Steam Edition), a good MMO experience for your PC. The winner will be picked at random and the giveaway is done via Gleam!

Giveaway Link:

Just my attempt to grow this small channel (at least a little bit) and thank you all for watching my stuff! So whether you participate in the giveaway or decide not to, thank you for checking my content out! Really means a lot!

The Giveaway will go on for two weeks so start entering today! Even if you have the game on Bethesda’s launcher, getting the steam edition will be a nice little addition to your collection!

I plan on doing more giveaways depending on how well this one does.

I do not own the visual side of the video itself, all rights belong to Elder Scrolls Online and Zenimax Studios.

Music: ‘Toxic Waste Processing Facility’ by Antti Luode.

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