Friday The 13th Getting Free Singleplayer Game Mode

If you haven’t had enough fun killing off counsellors in Friday The 13th’s multiplayer or the game’s bot mode, then fret not. The game’s developer Illfonic has released a first look trailer for a new mode headed Jason’s way – Challenge mode.

A New Mode Called Challenge Mode

The new mode, dubbed ‘Challenge Mode’ will have Jason basically kill everything on site in several different ways. It is important to note that ultimately, this could just merely be an offline tutorial and as such will not be as much of a ‘challenge’ as you expect it to be.

But fans of the movie will certainly have fun dismembering and decapitating teens in various scenarios. Heck, that’s why you bought the game, isn’t it?

Further Details

The developer, while not mentioning a release date has, however, made it clear that the new mode will be free of cost. Which is nice always nice.

You can buy Friday The 13th – The Game on Steam right now –¬†

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