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First Impressions – Need For Speed Payback

I jump into Need For Speed Payback on this episode of First Impressions. NFS is a series I’ve followed through the years and I am very excited to take the latest installment for a spin (excuse the pun!) and see what the Need For Speed Payback gameplay feels like!

Will Need For Speed (NFS) Payback fall into the trap most racing games fall into nowadays? Will it try and be all about a cliched story filled with backstabbing villains and hero’s path back to the top of the charts? Or will Ghost Games bring with them a breath of fresh air and a reboot that the series deserves!

Only one way to find out. Ladies and Gentlemen – Start your engines!

First Impressions is a series where I (usually) take a new game that’s just released I haven’t played yet and give it a go for around 30 minutes to show off its gameplay. It can also double as a review.

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