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How To Edit YouTube Videos For FREE! | Techy Tips | RDTechy

On this episode of Techy Tips, I show you How to Edit YouTube Videos For FREE. This will help you make your videos a little bit more professional and best of all, you can do it for free! This software enables you to do some advanced editing as well with colour correction, special effects and snazzy things like picture in picture. Again, all that for the amazing price of FREE!

The tutorial also shows you how to reduce the size of your video file as much as possible with some clever encoding and compression using an easy to use encoder – Handbrake.

Download DaVinci Resolve –
Download Handrbake –

How To Record Multiple Audio Tracks Using OBS –

Audactiy Tutorial to remove background Noise –

With 2018 I am making a small change to my channel with a more specific Schedule!

Sundays – Techy Tips / Top 5s / Tech Talk
Techy Tips is a series of quick easy tutorials that will make your life as a Youtuber much easier! If you’d like me to cover something specific, let me know and I’ll get right on it! Techy Tips may contain everything from How To’s to the Do’s and Don’ts of creating content on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer or practically anywhere else!

Top 5 videos will feature lists that include software, games, movies, and everything under the sun!

Tech Talk may include reviews of gaming accessories, unboxing and maybe even news about all things Tech!

Tuesdays – Indiecent Exposure / First Impressions / Under 5 Minutes/Benchmarks!
Indiecent Exposure I is a fun series I love doing where I get to show off gameplay from indie games each and every episode. New and Old!

First Impressions is where I take a game (usually a new game) and play through the initial first 30 minutes or so completely blind so you guys can see if the game is something that is worth spending money on and what my initial impression of the game is.

Under 5 Minutes is my Review series where I give you the rundown of the game under 5 minutes to let you know whether you should buy it or pass on it!

Benchmarks are just that, benchmarking games that run on my hardware and showing you how they perform!

Thursdays – Let’s Play Thursdays

Let’s Plays are coming back to the channel, the plan is to have one episode of around 20 mins or less come out every Thursday for at least 4 weeks. After which, depending on what you guys think I can either continue with the game or swap it out for something else!

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A Gamer, Content Creator, Freelance writer, and PR Enthusiast. RDTechy wears many hats and enjoys diving into things head first and figuring them out on the go.

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