They always help you start learning the ropes with a basic game, an old unity tutorial i used did breakout, remember that? with the bouncing ball thing that destroyed bricks?

The one I’m doing for GameMaker is teaching me top down shooter. I expected sidescroller to be honest. That’s what I associate with GameMaker games but making this is also fun.

This is part of what I did for the first bit of the tutorial, it’s easy but its progress from nothing (small progress but it’s progress!)


I know, Game of the Century right? All it needs is like… everything else, then it’s good for that 49.99 price with collectors edition being 59.99 with my autographed napkin! Fine, I’ll throw in some dust that was on the keyboard that made this greatness, thankfully there’s a LOT of dust.

I should probably clean my keyboard.




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