I am a gamer who plans to one day be able to make my own games! This site will include News stories, Opinion Pieces, Interviews, Reviews, Previews of anything from Games to Movies to Tech.

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RDTechy’s Review Policy

I believe in transparency and being honest with my viewers and readers, it is with this in mind that this review policy will be as clear as it is short. Once I am given a product or game, I will get the review done within 2 weeks (usually within 10 days). If for some reason I am unable to do so, the developer/person responsible will be contacted and the message will be conveyed.

Every game/product I review, irrespective of the fact that I bought the game or received it for free, will be reviewed the same way, under the same microscope. Receiving a product/game for free does not mean the review will be positive. The only way to guarantee a positive review is to (unsurprisingly) have a good product. Simply put, I will always call a spade a spade. Unless I’m talking to French people, then I may call it La Spade.